What is A Pre Purchase House Inspection?


It is imperative to know as much as you can about a property before you decide to buy it. This will not only help you to fend off any issues that may arise later but also cut down on the extra costs that you may encounter later. The best way is to get a pre purchase house inspection in Adelaide done. So what is it actually? It is a type of building inspection that you get done before you purchase a property. It basically explains the condition of that particular property – significant property flaws such as, defective roof, cracking walls, old wiring, etc.


It involves a visual inspection carried out by a trained professional, who will then write a report and outline any serious defects that may have been encountered. The Fair Trading NSW states that the Australian Standard for such an inspection has to include exteriors as well as interiors of the building, roof exteriors, roof space, under the floor area, and site which may contain fencing, garden shed, steps, and garage. In addition to this, examining the condition of doors, guttering, roof, ceilings, and floor must also be part of the inspection.


Reasons You Must Get A Pre Purchase House Inspection Done –
It informs you in advance about various defects and other issues.
You may use this information to negotiate the price of the property.
You can avail professional advice about any major issues and how they may affect the concerned property over time.

The cost of the building inspection is overshadowed by the benefit of knowing you skipped out on purchasing a dodgy property. Additionally, your property inspection report can be a great bargaining weapon.
So just as you may not buy a car without a test drive, you must not purchase a home without a pre purcahse house inspection.

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