Everything You Need to Know About the Australian Football League

Everything You Need to Know About the Australian Football League blog1

If you are a diehard football fan and if you live in Australia, then the Australian Football League must definitely be one of the greatest things ever for you. This is not only an incredibly great way to spend your time, but you will also be able to do much more about the game through such tournaments. In order to thoroughly enjoy these matches, it is important to you have a little backstory. The more you know about the series, the more interesting it becomes. So, here are some fun facts about the Australian Football League you will definitely enjoy.

The Beginning

In order to understand a game, it is important to know its origins. This way, you will be able to understand why the game works in a particular fashion. At the very beginning, the league only included six teams from the state of Victoria. These teams broke away from the Victorian Football Association and created their own league. Even though AFL was initially known as the Victorian Football League, it only had a few teams. In the early, 1900’s the teams expended to 10. The competition was so popular that it even took place during the world wars.

The Tournament

The AFL is one of the most popular professional sports tournaments in the country. It began in 1897 by the Victorian    Football League. At the very beginning, the teams of the tournament were only allowed if they were from the state of Victoria. However, with time, it included all the teams from the country. In total, the league has 18 teams from all over Australia.  The matches are not only played in the main states of Australia, but they are also played in the countries such as New Zealand and China.

The Clubs

Any sports tournament is nothing without its clubs. Since this tournament operates as a single operating team, there aren’t any divisions. Even though the league initially had only 10 teams, currently it has 18 teams. These 18 teams are from the five states of Australia. However, you need to know that 10 teams from the league still remain in the State of Victoria, while the rest are located in the metropolitan area of Melbourne. There are also more teams from states such as Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales.

The Venues

One of the best things about these tournaments is the venues. They happen in huge grounds where thousands of people come to watch the match. In the year, 2017, a lot of popular venues were used. These include the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Adelaide Oval and the Docklands Stadium. Getting AFL tickets is not has hard as you think. You can either buy it from the counter if you arrive early or you can book them online. It is best to opt for the letter option since the tickets usually run out pretty fast.

There is so much more that you can learn about this tournament. If you want to learn more, you simply need to look in the internet. It has everything you need to know.

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