The Best Motorbike Riding Spots in the Dandenong Ranges


East Melbourne is an awesome place for undertaking motorbike trips since it is a vast, flat and open country in many interesting places. However, the region also offers the riders an opportunity to push themselves to the limit through the riding on the mountainous areas. One such spot is the Dandenong Ranges. These ranges are the closest Mountains to Melbourne City. The best motorbike riding spots in the Dandenong ranges are the Tourist Road and the Course.

Tourists Road

The Tourist Road is a motorbike stretch that starts from the foot of the Dandenong ranges to Emerald and finally to Ferntree Gully. The road stretches about 22 km. This distance will take you about eight minutes to cover at a modest speed. Riders need to beware of the constant turns associated with this route. In this manner, there is need to exert a light pressure on the handles and footing and squeeze yourself firmly but smoothly on the motorbike seat. Ideally, the Tourist Road will test your braking skills to the limit.  If you are going Motocamping, maybe take it a bit easy as your pack impact your braking.

The high altitude of this stretch will give you an excellent opportunity for a bird’s eye view of the ranges and the surrounding vegetation and Melbourne City. Further, you can get an opportunity to freshen up and get some food and drinks at Emerald on your way to Ferntree Gulley. Therefore, this is a ride that can be undertaken even by the amateurs in the field of motorbike riding.

The course

The Course is a tough stretch to take. This adventure requires individuals who have considerable experience in motorbike riding. The Course is 65 km long and entails around 1,600 meters of climbing. The motorbike path is a composed of narrow back streets that pass through 13 designated ascents. The route is designed in a way that the toughest climbs come at the tail end of the ride.

The points of ascent are found around three main areas. The first to fifth climbs are around Mount Martha. The sixth and seventh ascents fall in the McCrae region while the eighth to thirteenth climbs are at Dromana. At the end of this riding experience, one would have put to the test all their skills.

The Dandenong Ranges are ideal for an individual that wish to put their motorbike riding strength and skills to the ultimate test. You will be assured of an experience of a lifetime after finishing either of the two routes that the mountains offer. Do not worry about getting lost since you will get maps to guide you.

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