Silvan Reservoir

silvan dam 2

Offering huge space, surrounded by a remarkable eucalypt forest and landscaped picnic places, this park is ideal for barbecue or a picnic.

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Opening times
Daylight savings (AEDT): Entry gateavailable 9am to 6.30pm.



A serious famine caused the search for Melbourne for additional water products. 1917 an appropriate website to get a storage tank situated close to Silvan’s township which put over the Stonyford Creek. Water for Silvan Reservoir might come nearly completely from additional tanks (primarily the O’Shannassy) as Silvan Reservoiris water-catchment was very modest.
Water storage was began by Silvan Reservoir 1931, in June. By December of this year, Silvan held three quarters of its optimum capability.silvan dam 3

On stabilising the present dam wall which had started to exhibit symptoms old in 1983 function started. During this time period the present picnic floor was likewise improved with the Stonyford Creek Walking Monitor, gardens and also fresh barbecue places.