Pirianda Gardens


Located in Olinda, Pirianda Gardens are lovely woodland garden including a unique assortment of crops including many trees and shrubs which can be botanically significant and considered exceptional in cultivation in Australia. Abnormal timber mix harmoniously with ferns and the impressive Blackwoods and Pile Ash provide shady over storey as you walk through your garden to the terraces and peaceful fern gully below.  The gardens are so beautiful they even get featured in movies!


Going to Pirianda, in the Dandenongs, east of Melbourne is a happiness for just about any garden enthusiast, because you never really know what you are going to find across the next corner. It had been began by Harvey and Gillie Ansell, a couple of who gathered plant life from all around the globe, like others gathered stamps, to increase in their garden.


A bulldozer created pathways throughout the house, and any rock and roll that was disturbed on the webpage was used to construct keeping walls, which cover more than three kilometres round the gardens.

The Ansells purchased Pirianda in 1959. It’s within an area which obtains in regards to a metre of rainwater annually, has temps about two or three 3 degrees much cooler than those in Melbourne, is guarded from strong winds, and has wonderful, profound mountain soil.

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