Mount Evelyn Aqueduct Trail

aqueduct trail 1The Aqueduct was decommissioned on Feb 7, 1972, however the large expenses of purchase and stuffing triggered Lillydale Authority to repeatedly delay discussions to buy the property in the Victoria and Downtown Panel of Works (MMBW).

In 1974–75, the Shire of Lillydale agreed to purchase property to get a main park in Support Evelyn to get a low cost ($10,000) about the reasons the folks of Support Evelyn have been disadvantaged previously from the aqueduct breaking the city and citizens being not able to connect with the water-supply, however the Panel was unresponsive. The Panel offered some of the property in the Silvan Store funnel for that Melba Center and also the junction of the Aqueduct, however the $120,000 established for your Aqueduct was excessive for Authority.
aqueduct 2
In May 1979 a number of opportunity activities notified Jean and Brian Edwards towards the chance the aqueduct property may be offered down for improvement or even to surrounding landowners. The Home Official of the Panel of Works established that provides have been asked from adjacent landowners within the “rural” area (from Brown Avenue to Rogue Street), with responses due July 10–16. Inquiries towards the Lillydale Authority suggested the Panel had requested re-zoning, but reaction in the Shire was protected.

There was of motion a stay desired volunteers required a framed request towards the Buying Center and colleges, and offered Mr A with 230 signatures. R. The Panel member representing western cities, Patterson. In the Panel assembly, instant revenue plans were delayed, however the actual function of increasing understanding of the land’s amount as potential parkland had just started. Several beginners to Attach Evelyn were ignorant the aqueduct endured.