Mine Shafts

mine shaft 1

You’ll find experiences the US Army built a tunnel at Mt Evelyn for military function in the Dandenongs during WW2 in Victoria. There have been several US Military camps in the region during WW2.

There is of historians a group currently seeking this tube. They consider it might retain the framework of other military gear, some army vans as well as the spotter plane. There’s usually the chance that it could also include ammunition, tanks.

Mark Rawson is part of the collection trying to find the canal. Two school boys discovered when it had been exposed by erosion the result of a natural spring the entrance towards the canal within the 1970is. The tube had apparently been loaded in by throwing planet within the entrance. the Government hurriedly made up the tube.

Mark Rawson has started discovering another military tunnel within the Dandenong Selection spot which goesback  to at least 1915.