Bunyip State Park

Bunyip State Park image looking over valley

In February 2009, wildfire burned 45 percent of Bunyip State Park. Regardless of this occasion that is remarkable this playground is once more an incredible escape where you are able to breathe outdoors and revel in creatures and indigenous plants.

Visit a mosiac of inexperienced to Mountain Ash from heathland on water plains forest protecting steep hills. Whichever fun quest you appreciate, Bunyip State Park offers opportunities for several.
bunyip state park image
The bunyip’s tale
Watch out for the Bunyip, a fuzzy pet having little ears, a circular encounter and hot eyes that shine at nighttime!

Several early residents, thinking this tale, never pitched their tents. Everyone was also cautious when obtaining water to not create ripples. The Bunyip was upset.

Amenities: The closest bathrooms are about the Gembrook-Tonimbuk Road, 5km away at Mortimer Campground. You will find two chairs across the path.
Bunyip State Park Walkway
Entry: From Gembrook, push east across the Gembrook-Tonimbuk Road. In the private Manual Monitor you’ll achieve a little carpark after 200m. The monitor would work for walkers.

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